2. Last Thursday 


  3. ayeaye & some stacked tall girls


  4. I’m ready to go someplace more interesting. 


  5. First day of the Blizzard  


  6. subtledecay:

    Gonna miss this house when their lease is up. 

    Whoa thanks for the reblog!

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  7. dalatu asked: Favorite area of Charlotte / place to eat?

    Hands down Plazamidwood. Snug, The Diamond, CM, Vets park, the people and especially my peeps. Plazamidwood for sure. I like Noda too but to a much lesser extent. The back part though where The Roux and Sanctuary are. Amelie’s in NoDa is really cute too. Lang Van (Vietnamese food) is probably my favorite restaurant although I only eat there like once every couple months. I just get pizza when I get food out for some reason :( 


  8. v171:

    I was driving home today and I saw two gutter punk girls walking down the highway with mandolins. The gutter punks are expanding from New Orleans and branching out to Slidell fucking Louisiana. I can’t stand gutter punks. They’re so unnecessary. 

    oogles gonna rule the world one day my dude


  9. the sunrise this morning


  10. MINORity Party